Mon 23, 2015
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The Future of Ello


"Your social network is owned by advertisers. Every post you share, every friend you make, and every link you follow is tracked, recorded, and converted into data." ~ Ello Manifesto Ello - the odd social network - that promises a few pretty major things: 1) never to make money...

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Mon 09, 2015
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Moderating Negative Comments in Social Media


Social Media is a unique public environment that has its own culture and expectations. Traditional customer service and public relations may not be enough. Here are a few important aspects to consider before responding: 1) Brand tone -  Brands need to have a unified...

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Mon 09, 2015
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KLM Airlines and Social Media CRM


The world of customer service and relationship marketing is changing.  Good, old direct mail and scripted phone conversations with fake sounding representatives may no longer do the job. As new generations of customers reach their full spending potential, companies, big and...

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Sat 31, 2015
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Social Media Management & Brand Reputation


Hurricane Sandy was the deadliest and most destructive hurricane of the 2012 Atlantic hurricane season. The hurricane caused close to $62 billion in damage in the United States and at least $315 million in the Caribbean. New York City suffered tons of damage, especially to the...

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Wed 14, 2015
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Snapchat’s T’s and C’s Drama (MMC 6936)


Terms and conditions are not entertaining.  They don't have pretty pictures attached. They don't have fun videos.  They are just words and links. No one reads them.  Sad face. In taking a closer look at the way these important policies are phrased, we can learn a lot about...

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Mon 12, 2015
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Who Do You Trust on Social Media? (MMC6936)


Web-based social media networks have become popular mediums for connecting everyone from business partners to distant relatives and disseminating different kinds of information among groups, communities and target audiences. Is trusting someone on social media the same as...

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Digital and social media marketing has not only changed the way we shop, learn information, stay in touch with loved ones. It has also changed the way we interact with companies and brands. Today brands don’t just talk at consumers. Today consumers have dialogues with brands and participate in brand evolution....

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